Who am I?

I am a professional musician with a wide range of skills, interests, and abilities. 

It is difficult for me to sit still because of the myriad thoughts and melodies 

running through my mind at any given moment. 


I fold origami to focus my energy. 

The pieces are a convenient icebreaker and 

Creating them keeps me tied to a place long enough to get comfortable. 


Once I feel comfortable in a given situation or space 

I can think about producing sound and creating music. 

I strive to make music with anyone and every genre. 


I enjoy putting myself in new social situations, 

which gives some explanation for my sociology degree. 

The rest is that my life has been a series of social experiments. 


I have been known for presenting things without context, 

Which is usually because too much context can be confusing and distracting. 

I have been refining my context and this is it: 

My name is Kelsey Leahy and I am exceedingly useful. 

I am known as Vagabond Oboist and Origami Mami

and I like to help out where I can. 


I show up and I do things. 

I believe in kindness and that 

Every breath is an opportunity.


I have a great deal of patience. 

I make my own reeds. 

It’s tedious, but I love it.


I sell the reeds to my students and 

I’m always accepting those willing to learn. 

You can find out more about me at oboerockstar.com

Who else would have that domain?

© 2020 by Kelsey Leahy

I exist in many forms and on many platforms: 

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